About Us

Tamashii Ramen House was founded by Wakana Kamesato Sebacher and Matthew Sebacher with the dream of bringing the atmosphere and flavors of Japanese comfort food to Oklahoma.

Born and raised in Japan, Wakana felt the need for a place to enjoy authentic Japanese soul food while being taken care of with genuine Japanese hospitality, and service.Oklahoma was the perfect place to introduce ramen as Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas continue to grow. Wakana and Matthew thought and planned on how best to bring this cuisine to Oklahoma City. They wanted to bring authentic ramen and the only option was to learn Japanese techniques in Japan. Matthew flew to Japan, and with the assistance of Wakana's family in Okinawa, was taught the techniques and methods used to create ramen. He was taught the age old methods as well as how the techniques have evolved over time.

Japanese Ramen is an interpreted dish where you can find thousands of variations within Japan. Returning stateside Matthew has brought with him the skills and knowledge to create several types of ramen with several variations. Together with this knowledge, Wakana and Matthew look forward to introducing these ramen dishes to their fellow Oklahomans, its visitors, and their patrons.